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Certified JavaScript with Free Project Course

About This Class

Web accessibility is often something that gets pushed to the side. It’s easy to assume that all users can see, user a keyboard, use a mouse or touch screen, and overall interact with your website or product content the same way you do. But this simply isn’t true. Assuming everyone can use things in the exact same ways leads to an experience that works well for some people, but creates major issues or barriers for others.

Accessibility is starting to gain more traction in the design and tech industries, especially since more and more countries are creating laws surrounding accessibility. If you’re a web designer or a UI/UX designer of any level who doesn’t feel confident in their accessibility knowledge, this is the course that’ll level you up with practical skills.

What you’ll learn in this course:

  • How to design for those with vision impairment of different degrees
  • How to design for those with color vision impairment
  • How to design for those who are hearing impaired
  • Keyboard accessibility for all users
  • Creating target areas that work for all users
  • What accessibility tools are available to you
  • How to convince your team, organization, or client to adhere to accessibility standards

Project Description

Create a simple UI Kit or style tile showing the following items following accessibility standards:

  • A color palette: be sure to include at least one brand color, one background color, and one text color. You can include more colors in your palette if you’d like.
  • Text styles you would need for your imaginary website. So include at least a heading, a subheading, and body text. Outline the size, font, and color chosen for each. You could also include link text, more than one heading style or whatever else you wish.
  • Button styles which includes at least one button style if not more. Be sure to include a base state, hover state, active state, and focus state for each of your buttons. Be sure to outline what the size of your buttons are, as well as the colors and text to confirm they pass contrast standards.